I’m an aspiring writer, who was born and raised on the beautiful island of Saint.Lucia where my journey of self-discovery began. Growing up on an island was great fun and being raised in a unique culture with great values and traditions is something I am especially proud of. As a child, I dreamed of traveling the world, and often imagined what life was like beyond the clouds. I had quite a vivid imagination and never hesitated to see how far it could take me.


Back then, opportunities for traveling the world seemed bleak for a girl like me, (which ironically is the name of my first book) as I was from a single parent household of six children. For my mother, trying to survive the harsh realities of life as a single parent proved to be a difficult task, so any vacation I had was something I had to imagine myself. However, I never gave up on my dreams, and at the age of twenty four I decided to pursue them and begin traveling the world.


On my journey, I have seen six of the seven continents, and had the privileged of living in Australia, Japan, China, USA, Barbados and Sweden, and visiting such countries as Singapore, Poland, South Africa, Mauritius, Holland, Egypt, Argentina, India, United Kingdom, Morocco, Italy, France, Uruguay among others.


Throughout my travels, I’ve had life changing experiences and met some fascinating people who inspired me to write my book, A Girl Like Me to share my amazing journey of self-discovery with you. I am passionate about life and everything in it, and am blessed to call three amazing countries home: Saint.Lucia, the U.S and Sweden, each of which have enriched and heightened my passion for traveling and writing.


The journey of discovering one’s true self can be a long and arduous one, but I’ve learned that if we are willing to face our fears and learn from every experience-good and bad, then we can tap into our greatness and grow into the person we want and choose to become. Life is beautiful, and I continue to embrace it with open arms.

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