Jana masai
04   Mar   2014

From Saint-Lucia to Kenya- A Saint Lucian Woman’s Masaai Experience

Lovee: Hi Jana, Thank you for agreeing to share your Masaai experience with me and my readers. I know that […]

21   Nov   2013

The Peaceful Philosopher/Politician – Felicia Browne

Felicia Dujon Browne is a St. Lucian human and gender rights advocate. As a lecturer in Philosophy at the University […]

02   May   2013

Tropicalfete’s Keran Deterville Chats With Author Loverly Sheridan

    Click the following link to read the original interview from TropicalFete’s website: http://tropicalfete.com/?p=5193  

16   Apr   2013

The Brilliant Professor and Aspiring Scholar – Dr. Tesa E. Leonce

There are some women who encompass the most amazing grace and character. Their entire aura and being reflect excellence and […]

14   Jan   2013

From Saint-Lucia to Zambia-A young, dynamic engineer gives back in Zambia!

Nicole Regobert is a travel enthusiast, who is determined to use her life in the most altruistic way by giving back […]